Yesterday's concert


I wish to say thank you to everyone who came yesterday. 500 people and in such a fantastic venue, it was pure magic!


For you who wasn't there, we can announce that the concert was filmed and will hopefully be released online before the end of the year.


Here are two photos from the rehearsals yesterday.








Esaias and AN ACTUAL orchestra


Two weeks from now, on the 22th of September, I will sing a new song of mine together with a symphony orchestra at the concert hall of The Royal Danish Academy of music. It's a full symphony orchestra and the arrangements has been written by our one and only Anton Jansson. It will be an one and half hour concert with different collaberations between rhytmic and classical music and totally free, so don't miss out!


22th of september, 19:00

Konservatoriets Koncertsal, Julius Thomsens Gade 1





Esaias Orchestra in "Morgonpasset i P3" (swedish radio)


Today we played a new song, Butcher and the baby lamb, live in Morgonpasset - one of Swedens most popular radioshows. We were also asked to do a cover of a summer song. We had a hard time deciding what summersong we would play but finally decided to be brave and play ABBA's "Our Last Summer". We think it went quite alright. Maria and Björn couldn't join us unfortunately, but we got great help from our friends Lotta and Nicole on violin and cello.


Listen and see some video here.




Our first first page


Today we're on the first page of Sydsvenskan, which is the largest newspaper in south of Sweden. In the interview we talk about the inspiration for Words, why Morrissey didn't do the trick this time and why PJ Harvey was crucial.


Read the article online here.


And don't miss our concert tonight at Far i Hatten in Malmö!







New video: Acoustic version of First We Must


Enjoy a stripped down and delicate version of First We Must from the EP. Me and Maria recorded this last week and this is her first, but not last I'm sure, vocal appearance on an Esaias Orchestra song.





New video and song - Sunny Sunday


A week ago we recorded a couple of songs with two microphones and a few iphones. Today we give you Sunny Sunday is a completely new song that can be described as a threnody for kindness. Hope you like it!





A new beginning - Words has arrived!


We are happy to announce that our new ep is now available on our webpage and soundcloud! In about a months time it will be released on Spotify and Itunes.


This is the first music that we release since me and Anton Jansson took eachother by the hand and flew south to Copenhagen. It took some time but we have now found the most wonderful musicians imaginable: Maria Jagd, Björn Lindberg and Kasper Ebdrup.


We give you Words. Listen HERE.





Snake Song is here - and Words is soon here too!

Our new video for our new track, "Snake Song", is finally here! It's made by fantastic Golnosh Hosseini and features among many things a scared man, a snake and three outlaws! You can also listen to the song in the music section.


Other good news: our ep Words (with the fantastic cover made by Pär Boström, see below!) will be released only a week from now,

on the 10th of April!